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Python programuotojas (Mid-Senior)

Python programuotojas (Mid Senior)

NOIA Network

The internet is a patchwork of outdated technologies, some decades old. The result is an internet that fails to meet today’s demands for security, speed, and reliability. We’re trying to run 21st-century processes with 20th-century technology.

Some of these issues stem from obsolete physical infrastructure, but many of them are software-based. With the right software, we can instantly create a more modern internet, suitable for today’s expanded needs. This is what NOIA accomplishes.

The NOIA Network is simply a better internet. In a few clicks, individuals and businesses can access a faster, safer, more reliable internet experience. Our software stack runs on top of preexisting public and private networks, and can be deployed in minutes. The NOIA Platform, for example, allows large enterprises to easily establish a secure, reliable network across thousands of endpoints, saving businesses billions of dollars every year in downtime and data costs.

It’s time for a breakthrough. NOIA Network is an internet for the modern world.

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